advanced system automation

Thirty years of “Made in Germany”

For the past thirty years, our team of experienced experts has been engineering, building, and installing high-tech automation solutions custom tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs and their products, working from our German facility at Mainhausen, in the vicinity of Frankfurt/Main.

Our expertise ranges from the implementation of complex turn-key projects, through the interlinking of machinery, systems, and isolated single-function modules, to retrofitting existing systems.  Of course, we also provide extensive after-sales service for everything we supply. Our conveyor and handling systems are primarily employed in fabrication, assembly, processing, and packaging operations.

Our clientele includes nationally and internationally active companies from, e.g., the automotive industry and its supplier industries, the food-processing industry, the machinery industry, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our approach to systems engineering is as flexible as the automation solutions we supply.  From identifying the right solutions to your manufacturing problems through to implementing and caring for them, your requests and needs form the focal points of our endeavors, where the emphasis is on fair, reliable, and cordial collaborations with you, since obtaining the best results from those collaborations is critical to your competitiveness.


We gladly support you.


Our aim – is being on the spot wehn you need us!

Your contacts will be members of our staff of dedicated, experienced, employees, each of whom is a specialist in his/her own field.  Throughout the design, engineering, manufacturing, and final-assembly stages you will be in contact with our highly motivated specialists who gladly collectively assume responsibility for entire systems.

Every member of our team of employees, whose expertise and creativeness characterize our company, also has their own personal interests and private ambitions, since “being human” is every bit as important to us as high-tech automation is to you.


Our 4-P philosophy: Perfectionism, a Pioneering Spirit, Productive Creativity, and Partnership

These four Ps are the cornerstones of our philosophy, as well as our work, and are what will determine the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing systems.

Finding the perfect solution for you is our goal, which is why we always seek the perfect solutions to your manufacturing tasks.  We start off the process by asking questions aimed at arriving at a comprehensive understanding of the challenges involved, since that is the only path to finding optimal solutions to those tasks involved.

“Leaving well-trodden paths and exploring new territory” best describes the pioneering spirit that drives us to assume responsibility for intricate tasks run in unfamiliar manufacturing fields and new branches of industry.

A 50-% change yields a 100-% rise in earnings.
We at ASA place particular emphasis on productive creativity in devising solutions to manufacturing tasks, since innovative solutions are also the better solutions. Existing installations and processes may usually be made more efficient by making suitable changes or through reconfigurations of the hardware and processes involved.

Your challenges are our challenges!
We are your partner, who takes on solving your problems for you, answers your questions, and faces your challenges with intense dedication and enthusiasm, where we place particular emphasis on fair, reliable, and frank collaborations.


Let us improve your competitiveness.


A look into the past 


Company founding


The current managing director Mario Krämer joins ASA


ASA expands and moves to 1000 square meters large company premises in Mainhausen near to Frankfurt / M.


Start into a new era with the establishment of the business unit "handling technology"
(Zitat) Mario Krämer: "Only innovations are driving a company ahead"“


Number of employees increases to 25


Awarded the FANUC Award for "far-sighted entrepreneurial activity"


ASA celebrates its 25th anniversary


The deburring cell from ASA receives the "Best Achievement Award 2015" (in-house customer award) in the "Innovation & Technology" category.


Number of employees increases to 50


Increasing export to South America makes the internationalization stage necessary: Foundation of the first branch in Chile


Managing Director Lothar Krämer retires after successful work. His son Mario Krämer takes over the sole management.


ASA is investing 1 million euros for expansion of new production areas at the location Germany.