For each task, the optimal solution!

Regardless of the branches of industry and products involved

To us, every application represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Regardless of what you need, whether it be an entire system or merely subsystems, we will help you find simple, cost-effective solutions for your materials-flow tasks, solutions that will improve your productivity. We will be pleased to share with you our knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing processes and automation in order that you will see the full range of choices in the area of economical, sustainable manufacturing operations immune to rapid obsolescence.


Food & Packaging

Pick and place in a deep-drawing machine

Robots place different products in variable arrangements at high speed in a deep-drawing machine.



Alignment at high speed

Robot cell for aligning different plastic bottles at high speed.



Compact machining center

This system by ASA Automation with a small footprint includes fully automatic drilling and deburring.


Vertical Farming


With the construction of a new vertical farming concept, licensed by the Fraunhofer Institute, ASA Automation wants to contribute to environmental protection (CO2 emission) and good nutrition.

/assets/images/kacheln/Kachel-Vertical Farming und Energy Web.png

Vertical Farming

Blockchain and vertical farms

In the future, vertical farms and blockchain technology can play a significant role in food production.



Precise injection moulded parts

Cell for the production of two components for the emergency release of an automatic transmission.


Food & Packaging

Palletizing cartons for safe transport

This system by ASA Automation arranges cartons in a transport-safe pattern and palletizes them in several layers using grippers of our own design.

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