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This is teamwork of tomorrow! Safe product handling with a collaborative robot

Under the motto "safe teamwork of tomorrow" we presented at this year's Fachpack (24.09 - 26.09 Nuremberg) a compact pick & place application with the collaborating robot CR-7iA / L from FANUC (Cobot) and the associated Schmalz vacuum gripper.The application illustrates the handling of metal cans from a product store (double spiral), an application that can be found in the direct and secure cooperation of humans and robots in the industry.

The "Cobot" takes over the central function in the product position recognition, positionally accurate product storage and transfer to humans. The principle of the collaboration is based on the safety function with state-of-the-art sensor technology, which immediately stops the robot from injury or damage in the event of a collision with a person or an object. Despite its collaborative and thus safety-relevant design, the "Cobot" works like any other industrial robot with its 6 rotary axes exactly and repeatable in the 1/100 mm range.

The cans are provided by the robot via a double spiral which serves as product storage (ideal compensation for production fluctuations in upstream and downstream systems). In addition, a separate trigger simulates the collaboration between robot and human at the facility.

We design and manufacture the product storage with our modular Carryline modular system. This 3-dimensional conveyor system is generally easy to integrate in the production and manufacturing processes to save space and cost and is therefore extremely economical. In addition, the Carryline spiral conveyor is used for easy bridging of height differences within the material flow in the smallest of spaces with a constant high material throughput. An efficient and cheaper alternative to conventional systems such as elevators, risers, etc.