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Clever packaging solutions for complex requirements!

Themed "smart packaging solutions" we presented at this year’s Fachpack (25th-27th September) a compact high-speed pick & place application for handling of folding cartons from the food sector as well as our spiral conveyor for space-saving bridging of large height differences within the material flow.

Thanks to FANUC’s new SR-31A robots we were able to present this application in an impressive fashion. Each member of a team of three identical, interactive robots takes on its own key task in the course of product-orientation recognition, product orientation, accurately positioned product placement, and the individually controlled sorting out of finished products.

In addition, our 3 meter high Carryline spiral conveyor was the second application to show optimal production processes. This spiral conveyor allows space-saving bridging of large height differences within conveyor systems while maintaining constant, high, transport rates, where the items conveyed may be either individual products, packages, cartons, or even containers.