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ASA invests one-million Euros in its German facility

ASA Automatisierungs- und Fördersysteme GmbH is investing a total of one-million Euros in its German facility at Mainhausen, near Frankfurt/Main.

A new annex providing an additional around 580 sq.m. of manufacturing space has been erected adjacent to our existing corporate-headquarters building.  In planning this fourth expansion of manufacturing floor space, particular attention was devoted to maintaining compliance with state-of-the-art technical standards.  For example, the new building has been equipped with the latest-generation ABUS-crane, which allows more rapid, high-precision emplacement of system components.  In addition to being highly energy-efficient, the new building is also equipped with ultramodern lighting, heating, ventilation, and communications systems.  The improvement program also encompassed numerous modernizations of our existing headquarters building.

This represents yet another of the company’s investments in its German headquarters’ site.  As General Manager Mario Krämer put it, “Our expansion of our manufacturing facilities is intended to improve our competitiveness and secure jobs in the local area.  Furthermore, our employees are very important to us.  The modernizations of our existing headquarters building are intended to make their work pleasanter and more attractive.”